Principal's Messages

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to St. Rupert Elementary School. Our community is founded on a significantly diverse population the serves Kindergarten through grade six. This year we are proud to offer a full-day Kindergarten program for the residence of the Rundle community. Grades one through six are also served within St. Rupert. At St. Rupert we aspire to maintain an environment that is rich in learning experiences that attend to the spiritual, academic, and social growth of each child. Our school theme is: One World, Our Community, St. Rupert. At St. Rupert School, we believe that students are at the heart of the decisions that we make daily. We are blessed to have a dedicated and engaged staff, creative students, and supportive parents.

St. Rupert School receives spiritual guidance from St. Mark’s parish, which supports us in providing a faith-based education grounded in the notion that we are all created in the image and likeness of God.

To ensure parents and guardians are knowledgeable about the goings-on within the school, a weekly Parents In the Know will be emailed out each Friday. If you have questions regarding your child’s education, however, please contact the school to speak with your child’s teacher. If a question is not able to be answered by the teacher, contact the Administration for further assistance regarding your child’s progress.

We thank you for your continued interest, support and involvement. We are a team!


Ms. Candice Olson